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Hebrew DOS fonts for Windows 2000/XP:

There are 2 different solutions to view Hebrew in DOS application running under Windows 2000/XP (or NT4):


1) To run the application in FULL screen, try downloading LOADHEB.COM or VGA-HEB.EXE .

(I have not written these files, but just post them here in my site).

Then, add the following 2 lines as the first lines in the BAT file that runs your DOS application:



... (Now start your DOS app).


2) To run the application in a WINDOW, try installing HEBDOS.EXE

This is a small setup file that will install a Hebrew supported console font,

and will modify SYSTEM.INI and the console fontsize setting in the registry for that purpose.


The font in this package APP862.FON is from the Hebrew Enabled version of Windows 98 (but works in Windows 2000).

It is copyrighted by Microsoft (I guess), and I hope they don't mind that I distribute it here...

I have written this small setup package to install the font and change the settings.

If you wish to see the exact changes that HEBDOS.EXE does, open it with WINZIP

and extract Hebdos.inf from it.

The font is realy not so good looking, but this is what I currently have...


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